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Abstract Call & Submission Form

Important: Please complete this form in its entirety with the information provided EXACTLY the way you would prefer to see it in the proceedings i.e., title, qualifications, institutional affiliation, etc. 
The information provided will be pasted “as is” into any event announcements and the Meeting Proceedings.


You are invited to submit original abstracts to be considered for online oral presentation (consisting of one 12-minute presentation immediately followed by a 3-minute question/answer period) in the following general categories:

  • Postmortem Forensic Toxicology

  • Clinical Toxicology

  • Alternative Biological Specimen Toxicology (including Hair Testing)

  • Human Performance Toxicology (including "Drugs and Driving" and Drug Facilitated Crimes")

  • Novel Psychoactive Substances

  • Analytical Methods in Clinical and/or Forensic Toxicology

  • Case Studies

  • Innovations and Novel Research

Abstracts must be submitted in English.

Each abstract may have a maximum of up to six (6) co-authors and may contain a maximum of 500 words. 

More than one abstracts may be submitted by the same team/authors but only one abstract may be accepted for presentation as the discretion of our International Scientific Committee Collective.

Presentations of accepted abstracts may be delivered in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, or Turkish. 

If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the Presenting Author MUST register for the virtual scientific meeting. 

Additionally, for accepted abstracts, the Presenting Author MUST send their presentation slides, a video recording and a typed transcript of their speech to IACFT at least 21 calendar days before the start of the online conference to allow for translation and voice dubbing by our scientific translators.

All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by our International Scientific Committee Collective who will make programme decisions.


Our Committee's decisions are final.

Presentation Title

Information about Author(s)

Presenting Author







Please upload your abstract in Microsoft Word.


Each abstract MUST include the following headers:

  • Introduction and Aims 

  • Materials and Methods

  • Results

  • Discussion and Conclusions

  • Keywords: Up to 5 keywords or phrases must be included below your abstract

Declaration: By completing this form, uploading an abstract and submitting it to IACFT, I declare that the work is my original work and that I have permission from all co-authors to submit this abstract to IACFT.

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