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Apply to Join IACFT

IACFT is a collective of students, academics, researchers and professionals who are involved in all aspects of clinical and forensic toxicology.

Applying for IACFT membership is free.


Once you become an IACFT Member means you will never have to pay any membership dues and you will never have to pay any meeting registration fees.

This is because IACFT is operated by our wonderful volunteers and is supported by corporate sponsors and private donors. If you wish to support us, please click here to find out how.

IACFT offers two types of memberships: Regular Member and Student Member.

The Student Member membership category is reserved for those who, at the time of application, are enrolled in a  full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral academic programme in a college or university officially recognised as such by their local educational authorities.

For those who do not qualify to apply as Student Member, we offer the Regular Member membership category.

Both categories of membership are free and are offered to people who submit a complete application, provide two academic or professional references and who are deemed by our Alliance to be involved in clinical and/or forensic toxicology.

In order for IACFT to consider your membership application, please complete in full the application form below, list the names/emails of two references and upload your academic/professional CV as required below. 

Please note that we ask for some information in order to help our volunteers and staff use the most respectful language when addressing you, understand our membership better, and fulfil  our reporting requirements.

Please help us serve you better by selecting the best answers to these questions.

Thank you.

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Which membership category are you applying for?
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Thanks for applying to join IACFT!

We will review your application and

get back to you soon.


Please consider supporting our efforts.


Click here to find out how.

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