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Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting 
Jointly offered with the 2021 Online Symposium
on Current Trends in Forensic Toxicology

Global Approaches to Local Issues in Forensic and Analytical Toxicology

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Welcoming Remarks

by Meeting Chair Professor Dr. Nikolas P. Lemos and Meeting Co-Chair Dr. Karen S. Scott

Science matters, especially in times of crisis. As history clearly shows, we often rely on science to help solve some of the most pressing technical challenges and identify solutions that address major public health crises, including the Spanish flu, polio, and HIV/AIDS. In the ongoing struggle to safeguard humankind, science has been a reliable constant.

This year, as the world faced yet another challenge, scientists mobilized in unprecedented ways through global collaborations and innovative technologies, to bring to every village, tribe, town and city of the world the best chance of beating COVID-19. On December 14, 2020 as the first batch of a federally approved coronavirus vaccines were administered to health care workers across the USA, science emerged victorious once again.


Just like in the case of COVID-19, the issues and challenges that forensic and analytical toxicologists face on a daily basis in their own local communities around the world can be addressed by the Online Symposium on Current Trends in Forensic Toxicology, now in its fourth year. This global toxicology collective presents scientific methods, innovations and approaches that have been developed, optimized and validated by scientists whose efforts to expand and share knowledge are represented in our five-day online event. The scientific program of this year’s symposium reflects our global community’s best efforts in detecting and restricting intoxicants and drugs in many aspects of our daily lives including sport, work, travel, and driving to name just a few, and draws from the expertise of local experts with global reach.


We will learn about the efforts of one nation to keep an Olympiad performance-enhancing-drug-free, as well as the efforts of an entire continent to monitor the drug situation in their 27 member states. We will examine analytical toxicology methodologies and techniques which permit the detection of an ever-increasing number of substances at ever-decreasing concentrations in a variety of biological specimens and types of cases including postmortem, driving and alleged doping and drug facilitated crimes.


Our aim for this year’s Symposium is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and exchange of information among the global scientific community which can then be more easily transferred and used to satisfactorily address local issues and challenges faced by analytical and forensic toxicologists around the world.


As Chair and Co-Chair of the 2021 Online Symposium on Current Trends in Forensic Toxicology we are honored and humbled to be your hosts and facilitators and we wish you all an educational and enjoyable week.

Regular and Student IACFT Members: You enjoy FREE ON DEMAND replay of all scientific sessions of the Autumn 2020 IACFT Virtual Meeting. IACFT members please email us to request the log-in passwords - please include your full name and your R member number or S member number in your email.

Non-IACFT individuals: please email us to purchase access. We offer several REPLAY access options:

  • You may purchase access to one or more presentations for US$10 each

  • You may purchase access to a specific day of presentations for US$25

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  • You may purchase access to all five days of presentations for US$115

Please include your name and your email and please let us know which access package you are interested in purchasing and in which language. ​We will provide you access log-in passwords once your access package is paid for.

To see each day's programme, including presentation titles and speaker names, please click on each calendar day icon listed below:



IACFT would like to remind all the following expectations regarding our live and archived virtual meetings.

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