TUESDAY, 03-NOV-2020

Tentative Scientific Programme (Listed Times Reflect London, UK Time)


     Introduction and Welcome (ENG)

     Nikolas P. LEMOS (GRE)

14:15-15:00 (PL05)

     The role of rapid tests (POCT) in toxicology (ENG)

     José RESTOLHO (POR)


     Q & A with the Speaker via Chat

15:15-15:30 (OP07)

     Is the postmortem use of point-of-care testing devices justified? (ENG)

     Emma Alice KERSLEY (ENG)

15:30-15:45 (OP08)

     Method development and validation for the rapid quantification of hydroxychloroquine in human serum

     using liquid chromatography - DAD (ENG)

     Fatima Zohra SAADI (ALG)

15:45-16:00 (OP09)

     Comparison of drug screening and confirmation analysis results in urine samples (TUR)

      Rukiye DÖĞER (TUR)

16:00-16:45 (PL06)

     Tóxicos Volátiles y Gaseosos en Toxocología Forense (SPA)
     (Poisonous Volatiles and Gases in Forensic Toxicology)

     Luis FERRARI (ARG)


     Q & A with the Speaker via Chat



17:15-17:30 (SP02)

      Corporate Sponsor Presentation     

      KURA biotech (ENG)

17:30-17:45 (OP10)

     Validation d'une méthode de dosage de l'éthanol, du méthanol et de l'éthylène glycol dans le sang,

     l'humeur vitree par GC-FID-HS (FRE)

     (Validation of an analytical method for ethanol, methanol and ethylene glycol in blood and vitreous

     humour by GC-FID, HS)

     Salma KADDOUR (ALG)

17:45-18:00 (OP11)

     Ethyl glucuronide determination by LC-MS/MS in nails after homogenization by pulverization (ENG)

     Frederike STÖTH (SWI)

18:00-18:45 (PL07)

     Evidentiary discrepancies in sexual assault casework (ENG)

     Chinyere M. WILLIAMS (USA)


     Q & A with the Speaker via Chat

19:00-19:15 (OP12)

     Impact of smoking CBD-rich marijuana on driving ability and traffic medical aspects (ENG)

     Tim GELMI (SWI)

19:15-19:30 (OP13)

     Chromatographic analysis of whole blood and dried blood spot samples after liquid-liquid extraction (TUR)

     Melike AYDOĞDU (TUR)

19:30-19:45 (OP14)

     Assessment of community illicit drug use in 11 cities of Turkey through wastewater-based epidemiology (TUR)

     Evsen Yavuz GUZEL


     Closing Remarks (ENG)

     Nikolas P LEMOS (GRE)

20:00 - 21:00

     Online Group Discussion for IACFT Members 

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